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I'm waiting for a girl who wants a good man to treat her right. I PREFER COPS, FIREMEN, AND MILITARY thank you mans for your service. My wife ( whom i also love very much) and I have tried and tried and tried to have one of our own. W4m I am waiting for a man or two to mboobsage Firstt mother.

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He had a book with pictures about gay sex. I expected that since most first experiences with guys go this way.

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Joe and I never did it again be cause he went to boarding school. Joe took my hard cock in his hand and I reached over and stroked his prick. Your a natural cock sucker. foruma

I felt his balls quiver in my hand and knew he was going to cream in my mouth. Joe said you want to try it? Probably not, doesn't seem Fitst something you would forget. In fact my first sexaul experience was. I wanted to say no but my mouth said yes. Look at this Joe said I looked at the picture It was two guys laying on a bed there cocks where hard and they had each others cocks in their hand.

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I have only had one, while in a straight relationship I met a guy ecperience craigslist, met. All day I kept saying to myself that I wasn't going but the next thing I know I'm standing in Joes bedroom.

What was Figst was that he messaged me yesterday wanting to hang out. When he said that I sucked his cock faster I wanted to taste his cum.

Your first gay experience. You sure know how to suck cock he said.

It happened one day at Joe's house. Not really an option at the moment. I felt the first shot hit the back of my throat as he filled my mouth with his hot creamy scum.

That was when I felt my balls release my load of spunk. › The Community › Gay. It wasn't long before I felt my balls tingle as my scumy mix made it's way up my prick and into Joes sucking mouth OOHH!!

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Here look at this he said I walked over to the bed and he handed me the book I looked at it it was some pictures of guys sucking cocksI stood ther looking at the pic's. My knees went weak as he sucked my dick down his throat. This Fist the first time I saw any thing like that.

I took my clothes of. I felt funny about what we just did and got up and left. I let his smooth cock slip into my mouth.

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It felt hot and smooth in my hand Joe jerked faster on my cock and I did the same. A friend of mine has been making some fotums overt passes of me lately, and it's just made me think whether I would foums give it Shreveport dating locals whirl if I was single. I sucked every drop of his dick juice until he was bone dry. However, the idea of kissing or having sex with an attractive man doesn't outright repulse me.

I've never had, like, a deep, burning lust for another man. His cock was so much bigger then mine.

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I just kneeled down between his legs and took his balls in my hand and lowered my lips down to his cock. He laid down and I saw his big cock. Share your stories of your first gay experiences or encounters.

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What're your stories? Is there anyone who's like "I had gay sex once, it was great but I wouldn't do it again. Well thats my first one but I had a few more Until I found out how good tits and cunt tastes.

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I said I don't know but Joe was takeing his pants off. I would describe myself as straight, pretty much wholly.

So I guess the option is open. All of a sudden I felt Joes hot wet mouth slip over my cock. I took off my cloths and Fifst next to him.

I didn't see Joe for awhile but I kept thinking about it I tried not to do it again but when I saw Joe he said why don't you come over later? I don't Know why but I felt like I had to toch it. I was pretty drunk at the time and only about 17, I even went home with the guy and slept in his bed.

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I think it was just a house close by to sleep in for me. Let me know if you want to Bobs mind. I haven't thorght about my gay experience's for years. The furthest I've gone has to be kissing, big, full, deep big mouth kissing.

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I had a few when I was young. Maybe we fucked and I forgot about it?

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Fuck that feels good I said as my cockseed shot all over his hand and my belly. He sucked my cock until it went flacid and slipped out of his mouth. To be honest I can't remember If I was tempted to do anything, or if it was even was discussed that we would - I just remember waking up next to him.

How did it feel he said?