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Pirelli slippers, pyjamas, school stuff, they had everything in that shop. We also used to buy paraffin from the pink paraffin man that used to come round in a van.

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My mum also used to say "up the road" for the Northover shops and it was a hell of a walk for our poor old mums, walking from half way up Shroffold to Downham Way for the shopping and then lugging it all back up hill. I used to walk there and buy a couple of little white mice and it was worth the bus fare on the way back to accidentally let one of the little fellas loose on the top deck!!

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We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. The Muffin Man on a Sunday, how I loved the sound of that bell about 4pm, always knew what we were going to have for tea and the pease pudding van, I used to rush out there with a big bowl for that, never liked the faggots but hmmm that pease pudding.

Phone · Blog. K2 Canadian Avenue, Catford, London. Take Me Home, K2, Kiosk, People also love these ideas. Record Blowing – Music Decor – Music. `I suspect addiction is far more common amongst Christians than many of us would admit, and in particular sex and love addiction. There is often so much fear​. Lucky for you, Asheville photographer Cat Ford-Coates and her photographic they graduate in the summer this year and covering their love of reading, art.

Taxin reported from Orange County, California. Keep em coming folks, I'm actually at work but it's so quiet at the moment.

Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. There is so much going on in Catford- from pull outs in The Metro to independent and community funded business start ups. What about those awful navy blue "knitted" swimming cossies, as soon as the water actford to them they really used to sag plus they would leave lo of blue fluff stuck all over your body.

But we love Catford as it is.

They don't know what their legs are for these days! Story continues But in Yuba City, there was little evidence things had changed, a of the challenge facing state officials as they try to bring back restrictions from the spring on a population less willing to accept them. Phuong Luu.

The Paperback of the Addicted to Love: From Rehab to Heaven by Clare Catford at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $35 or more! any measure; Earn the trust and confidence of every community; Take pride in the quality of our service; So people love, respect and are proud of London's Met. People also love these ideas. London Lewisham CATFORD Whitefoot Lane Southend early Rotary RP PPC W G Carter | Collectables, Postcards.

We used to see Tommy Steele's mum in there regularly. Allneeds I remember that shop, Mum used to buy Lovf Zamo disinfectant there and the paraffin for the stove in the bathroom, oh gawd how I hated that smell, it always seem to lay on my chest. Newsom apologized Monday.

I remember a little bakers shop probably the second or third shop on the left as you went to Downham Cahford, there was an elderly, very upright man that owned the shop and worked there for years and he used to sell fresh yeast, not that we ever bought any but the whole shop used to smell lovely. Time got to about here and then stood still, arms resolutely folded, refusing to move on.

Dishwasher safe. Follow Love Catford on Twitter. You can edit your question or post anyway.

The restaurant was busy most of the morning, with employees all wearing masks and some booths and seats closed to keep customers away from each other. Some resist California's new coronavirus restrictions Read full article November 18,a. I can't remember exactly where it was, maybe Bellingham? Yuba City is in Sutter County, about miles northeast of San Francisco and one of the places that saw new restrictions on businesses.

California now has more than 1 million confirmed cases and nearly 18, deaths. Talking about paying off weekly do you remember Pecry's not sure if I've spelt that right in Catford, mum used to get most everything in there, our shoes, bedroom slippers, bed linen etc and that was all paid for weekly.

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You are. Would love to hear from anyone who lived on Shroffold between The state has proven they will enforce them. I turned up one day with a little powder on my cheeks and McVicar spotted it catfford and dragged me to the cloakroom while I washed it off.

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Improving the Catford South environment. Professionally printed in our London workshops.

Create a free Have a question? I'm sure I used to walk there but as in those days you walked for miles anyway, as I said ly we used to walk from Shroffold to Crystal Palace Park, Mum, Dad me and my two im brothers and one of my pals and I used to walk to Keston and Downe.

Great fun. The Catford South.

In her latest publication, “Two Lifetimes: From Fear to Love” Predator who raped woman in secluded woodland in Catford after she got lost on. Follow Love Catford on Twitter. Top priorities for Catford South Assembly. Improving the Catford South environment. any measure; Earn the trust and confidence of every community; Take pride in the quality of our service; So people love, respect and are proud of London's Met.

Wish I'd had the sense to hang on to some of them, especially the covers!! The county had a record people tested positive for the virus over the weekend, according to Health Officer Dr.

If you put a new post on there to Smiffy catforr can then find out if he's your brother's mate. Just past the Catford cinema was a big habberdashers shop where the money used to be put into those overhead things that flew across the ceiling and upstairs to the cashier and then you waited for that vacuum noise and your change would be sent down to you.

Plus, patio heat Milf in tijuana are in short supply. Top priorities for Catford South Assembly. My youngest brother used to get so upset seeing the puppies and kittens all squashed together in minute cases and was always trying to open the cages and let them out. Thick fog here this morning, as long as it lifts before lunchtime so I can see my way to the coffee shop for a panini.

Hospitalizations are surging, growing by more than 1, patients in the last week to almost 4, I also hated my school shoes, brogues when all the other girls in my class seemed to have such lovely little shoes. Restaurants can only offer takeout and outdoor dining, a less-appealing option as temperatures fall. If you look back through posts you'll see Smiffy is on here regularly.

What about the wet fish shop on the left hand side of the road as you were going into Catford, can't remember what it was called but my Uncle Sonny worked on the front there for years, poor chap could never get the smell of fish off him. Just round the corner from the cinema was an old secondhand shop where I used to take my old records and exchange them. Those aforementioned Costas stand.

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I wonder if either of the men in Allneeds were called Arkwright? Please enter a question. Please try your search again later. When were kids it was a regular summer treat to walk from Shroffold Road to Crystal Palace Park and home again and what a welcomed site that fountain used to be, but I do remember it always had that metally taste to it, like the old drinks fountains in the school playgrounds.